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Top 7 Highest Paying Jobs in Malaysia 2020


After completing the study, everyone wants to get a better paid job. If you are looking for higher paid jobs in Malaysia in order to secure your future and improve living standards, then in this guide we will share ten highest paid jobs in Malaysia by 2020.


Business Insider stated that the engineering, it/information technology and health industries offer better-paying jobs. At the same time, they also mentioned that the hotel/restaurant, education/training, and the administration/HR-related industries are offering underpaid jobs.

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Highest-paid jobs in Malaysia

1. General Managers

General managers enjoy the highest-paid jobs in Malaysia. For example, the general manager (commercial) in health and life sciences organizations earns up to 480 thousand MYR per year. In the production and manufacturing sector, the average salaries of general managers are $420,000 of the 11th annual HRD.

2. Chief Financial Officer

In large organizations, the position of CFO and CFO is very important. They play a key role in financial management and corporate governance. Based on their work, they are paid lucrative wages. Both CFOs and CFOs earn an average of $420,000 of MYR per year.

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3. Head of Compliance

It’s another highest-paid job in Malaysia. If you want to ensure the highest paid job in Malaysia in the future, then work for this position. The compliance officer in large organizations has MYR 390K per year.

4. Risk Manager/Manager

Risk managers also play an important role in many organizations, especially in the insurance, banking and investment sectors. Depending on their roles and tasks, they are paid high. On average, they earn 360 thousand MYRs per year.

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5. Director of Marketing and Sales

Marketing and sales manager work is also top-demand jobs in Malaysia. Marketing and sales (commercial) directors also make MYR 360K per year.

6. IT jobs

In the IT sector, director and head of digital departments receive a payment of up to 300 thousand 00 MIL per year. The IT sector is growing in Malaysia. It is therefore expected to open up several new employment opportunities in the future.

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7. Engineering jobs

Engineering work is also well paid. The salaries of engineering director, quality director and director of process improvement are also high. They average MYR 270K per year.